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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

May 30, 2022 Kerry Rowett Episode 47
Align + Attract
The Stories We Tell Ourselves
Show Notes

It can be easy to forget that the way we talk about what has happened in the past, who we are and where we are in the present and what's possible for us in the future are stories. Stories that we have the power to shape! Take some time to reflect on the stories you're telling yourself - and choose more helpful or empowering stories if you wish.

Kerry mentions:

Episode 45: Catching up the Reality of where you are

Episode 19: 3 Signs you have a Fixed Mindset, and what to do about it (about Growth Mindset):

The quote: Ship it - This is from Seth Godin, of course! Shipping it means to deliver; to create an outcome or product and put it out there, for example, to publish or share it.

"If it doesn’t ship, it doesn’t count. If it’s not creatively productive, it’s not helpful. And if we’re lucky, this is the heart of our work. The work of creation in our chosen medium, putting ourselves on the hook, being asked to do something that’s never been done quite this way before.

Call this the work of a Creative, with a capital C. Someone who commits to making things better by leading through their work, and bringing insight and magic and utility to interesting problems.

It requires us to trust ourselves. To find a voice. To understand systems and genre and craft." (

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