Align + Attract

Let's talk comparison

June 27, 2022 Kerry Rowett Episode 51
Align + Attract
Let's talk comparison
Show Notes

Unless you have incredible discipline and never look at what anyone else is doing, everything always goes right for you, you’ve never doubted yourself, you’ve never set foot inside a Facebook group, you live under a rock – you've probably experienced comparison. It’s incredibly normal to notice what others are doing.

Depending on our mind space, we might notice what someone else is doing, even celebrate their success, and then move on. If we're in a negative head space, or something isn't going well for us, comparison can cause us big problems. We might compare ourselves unfavourably, or even judge ourselves. It can spiral.

Brene Brown's work is always amazing and her latest book: Atlas of the Heart is no different. In this episode we look at her definitions of the different kinds of comparison, and how we might use our growth mindset when comparison pops up so we can stay focused on our own great work.

For a refresher on growth mindset, please listen to episode 19: 3 Signs you have a Fixed Mindset and What to Do about it

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