Align + Attract

How to be More Consistent in Your Business

August 22, 2022 Kerry Rowett Episode 59
Align + Attract
How to be More Consistent in Your Business
Show Notes

Finding your own way to be more consistent can have a huge flow on effect in your business. Being consistent can sometimes feel tricky if you are doing things that you think you should be doing without considering what you actually want, what your priorities are and what works best for you.

We discuss how each of these can help:

1 - Remember your Why (free workshop recording - sign up here:
2 - Decide on your priorities
3 - Dedicate time blocks to creating/scheduling/writing
4 - Give yourself permission to do what’s right for you

Remembering Your Why can make a HUGE difference in how you show up in your business. Sign up for the recording of the fabulous workshop I ran on this topic:

Work with me personally in a Kinesiology session (or Reiki).

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