Align + Attract

When you need to Hit Reset

November 21, 2022 Kerry Rowett Episode 71
Align + Attract
When you need to Hit Reset
Show Notes

Sometimes we go through a period of challenge. Perhaps it's health related, or our kids have been sick, a few things have gone wrong in business, we haven't been feeling like ourselves, or it's something else. Negative thoughts may pop up about ourselves or the situation which can make it feel even worse - has that ever happened for you? In this episode we discuss how we might "hit the reset button" when we sense or decide we're ready to be at the end of a certain period, and how we might go ahead and do that.

Here's the process we go through:

1 - Acknowledge what you've been feeling and experiencing

2 - Notice any stories you're adding into the mix

3 - Pattern interrupt - we go through a few options

4 - Ask yourself - what is the best use of my time and energy now?

Hope you love the episode!

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